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Song Birds 1

This gallery contains over 350 song bird photos.  These birds are found along the Eastern United States.  Please enjoy one of Mother Nature's finest creations.

The gallery, "Song Bird 1A" contains additional photos of song birds.  So please check it out too!


Song Birds 1A


Crane-Sora Limpkin-Coot






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 All wildlife displayed on our website is free and wild, with the ability to come and go as they please! No zoo or captive animals are presented or used.


Be safe and good to yourselves!






Hi and Welcome to Natures-Finest-Photography!


My Name is Les Brooks and I am a photographer and nature lover from Glen Allen, Virginia. I use the latest Canon DSLR equipment and lenses.


I have built and operated electronic components and pressed camera shutter buttons for some time, but like some of you, did not really have a ball until digital cameras made picture taking fun again.


It seemed I would take a bunch of pictures, they would remain in my camera for a while and then the film roll would finally make it to the photo store. I would wait for days wondering if I got that special memory captured only to find that something went wrong. Someone closed their eyes, turned a head or in the case of birds and wildlife, it flew or ran away faster than my finger could push the button! Make no mistake, I still have these things happen. It can make life fun, interesting and full of flavor to be able to now "try it again"!


I love the perks that nature delivers, the colors, hues and sometimes sparkles, the changes and play of light as sky and clouds move across the horizon. The uncertainty and challenge of capturing wildlife's ebb and flow and their interaction with their environment. Sometimes scenery presents itself in calming tones or startling moods and transistions. An animal's action, reaction and movement add hilights to photos!  These are the things that I strive to capture in my images.


But above all else, I want quality of presentation to be my image's driving force.   I review each print to confirm that it meets my expectations before it is shipped to you.


Within 30 days of your original purchase date, Natures-Finest-Photography.com will gladly refund your purchase price, if printed photos are returned undamaged! Please note our return address below.



Les Brooks



Natures-Finest-Photography (N F P)

9962 Brook Road #214

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All images are copyright and the property of Les Brooks.

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